After polishing his shoes, Angus brushed his teeth and combed his hair.

She is too weak.

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3 cubed is 27.

I wanted to be with Amy all the time.

Jun's lucky.

Buy low, sell high.

He's always burning the midnight oil.

The movement of the inhabitants drove the band of thugs out of the town.

Could you repeat that slower?


Everyone escaped.

When he started the book, Hawking was unable to write by hand at all.

No animals were shot.

That sounds like a threat.

What a good idea!

Sridharan left his dog at home.

There wasn't a living soul as far as the eye could see.

The chickens were killed by a fox.

It was preventable.


I come from Beijing.


I can't keep track of the fluctuating market.

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We can't let anybody know we're here.


He is the last person to pay out of his own pocket.


Some people say that it is human nature to root for the underdog.


My father gave me a lot of money.

He comes here without fail on Sunday.

We have a small house.

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Gregor is really very nice.

Please put this thermometer under your arm.

He said he would come.


The next morning found him traveling by bus.

Bob charged 3 dollars an hour for mowing lawns.

Curt appears confused.

Tell him I'm in a meeting.

I put a new handle to the door.

You can't keep something that big a secret.

This is what I was looking for.

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Subject closed.


Pablo put together one million dollars in unmarked, used bills as the kidnappers had told him to do.

Some countries use ordinal numbers to count millennia, whereas others count them using cardinal numbers.

The new international airport really put Narita on the map.

We can't fail.

Some would say that he's playing with fire.

We've got to get it done.

Exactly how much money was stolen?


I suppose you want to ask me what I was doing yesterday.

No matter how busy you are, you have to do your homework.

Keith said he was disoriented.

I think I'll need to talk to Markus about this.

Harry and Russell are both determined to make the best of this situation.

Don't you ever speak to me like that again.

Where did you spit at them?


"What kind of beer do you want?" "What do you have on tap?"

I make a horrible first impression.

Milo would like to talk to you.

That's not really my problem.

I dreaded his reply to my letter.


Let's keep this level.


Did Roman ever mention Torsten?

How many apples do you have?

What is your marital status?

Don't you like that?

Are you feeling any better now?


He betrayed his country.

I don't like roosters.

Vadim and Shannon stayed friends after they broke up.

Iced tea had got on my shirt.

Let's add ambiguous sentences more often.

I need time to mull things over before I decide what to do.

Shall we go now?


Mat fell off his horse.

She arranged the dishes on the table.

I wish I could travel around the world.

Is there something you're not telling me?

Should I wait for Real?

Jeff studied the document carefully.

She always gives her baby noodles for food.

If I remember correctly, you were quite optimistic at that time.

You caught Kemal, didn't you?

Nauru is called "Naoero" in Nauruan.

Would you please make a hyperlink to our corporate site from your page?


Keep a copy of that document.

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There is a lot of traffic today.

I can't hide the fact from you.

Everything was solved at the last moment.


I am as much in love as on the first day.

Martyn says he's no longer interested in working as a professional musician.

How are we ever going to find William?

I will have him repair this watch.

I was suddenly awakened by a loud noise.

The airplane was flying above the clouds.

Catch you later, Rees.

Do you think it's a sign?

You seem to dislike reading.

It was cool, not to say, cold last night.

Weather permitting we will go for a drive.


It often takes more courage to change one's opinion than to stay true to it.

Small enterprises are feeling the squeeze of inflation.

Andrew became active in politics.


I'm glad you came.

What makes you think we need to do that?

This is the same type of camera as the one I lost.

President Kennedy was killed, but his legend will live on forever.

What was the determining factor in this case?

I mixed milk and chocolate powder together and then added water.

Hi, I'd like a deep-fried pizza roll.


A young child has a small vocabulary.

Well, Bill, I am pleased to see you here.

I should've listened to you.

The lost chance will never come again.

Why would I give you my phone number?

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David told Claudia what John wanted.

I have hives.

Dr. Smith is the most knowledgeable expert in that subject.


She claims that she knows nothing about him.

Fill the bottle with water.

I cannot overcome my repugnance to eating snails.

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In 1807, Robert Morrison, the first British Protestant missionary to China arrived in Guangzhou.

We don't have anything to worry about.

A puppet does not know that it is being controlled.


The cat jumps on top of the table.

Alpha Centauri is a system of three stars. We don't know yet whether it has planets.

You might be able to help me.

The accident wasn't Rajendra's fault.

I can't believe you're graduating.

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I will stand by you whatever happens.

Jessie praised Charles for his foresight.

I've found out what's been happening.

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I met Jane by accident.


She insisted that she was home the entire night.

I put my money in a purse.

It's so warm in this room that I'm sweating.

You must be sad since you lost one of your friends.

I've asked her to help us.

This is your doing!

Corey wore glasses.

There's nothing else to discuss.

Jayesh has a decision to make.

We all know he was right after all.

I want to avoid rush hour.

Being unemployed gave me the chance to stand back and think about my life.

How do you manage to do it all?

There is a bargain sale at that store.

Sharks can smell even a tiny amount of blood in water.

Almost all the students know about it.

Wes dug through the unclaimed baggage, looking for something to pawn.

He felt himself lifted up.

Do you think that I'm not trying?


I wish Kimberly could be here with us.


Winnie has been working for us for three years.

Chicago is the principal city of the Middle West.

Samuel stopped in front of Frederick's house and got out of his car.


Shean has a toothache.

London is different from Tokyo climatically.

Maria didn't suspect that "Piercarlo", her pen-friend, with whom she had been corresponding for months over the Internet and whom she secretly loved, without ever having met him, was actually a super-intelligent squirrel.

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I heard that Hal is back in town.

I don't want to do anything that would hurt you.

I should've known that you wouldn't be willing to go there by yourself.

Contributors should avoid personal attacks.

Don't worry, present day cosmetic surgery is much better than what it used to be in Doctor Frankenstein's days.

Raised hands have become a symbol of protest.

I just wanted to see her.

Were I in your position, I would oppose that plan.

I'll deal with this.


I'm not pulling out their teeth.